Rimmel Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil - Review


I have mentioned this is a couple of my earlier posts, but if you don't know, I love highlighters. What I also love, are products that are new and that I haven't tried anything like it before. The products that I am reviewing today is all of those. It is is the Rimmel Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil in the shade '002 Shimmer'. I never thought I needed a highlighter specifically for the brow/eye area, but this little product showed me that I did need one. And it is very affordable as it only costs £4.99!

This product is a very cute, little chubby stick, that is iridescent/champagne in colour. The outside of the pencil is the same colour as the highlighter. It is small, but it is mighty. It is a typical wooden pencil, with a clear, plastic lid that fits nicely onto to the top, and feels unlikely to slide off in a makeup bag.

The actual highlighter is firm in texture, to applies smoothly to wherever you apply it. it has a slightly warm undertone to it. It also has a surprising amount of pigment to it. When initially applied, it is a very strong colour, but once blended with your finger or a brush, it transforms into a gorgeous hint of a shimmer. Despite this stick being 'chubby' the application of this highlight is actually quite precise. I like to apply it onto my brow bone and blend it out with my finger. It is also a multi-use pencil as I also use it to apply highlight to the inner corners of my eyes, and also my cupid's bow before I put on lipstick. It's extremely versatile.

Because it's a cream product, as opposed to powder, the staying power is a long time. When I use a powder to highlight my eyes, it normally wears off by the end of the day, but this highlight does last much, much longer. With this pencil being so small, it is useful to put in a handbag, and use it to touch up your makeup during the day.

Overall, I absolutely love this little highlighting stick! As I had never used one of these products before I wasn't entirely sure how it would work, but is definitely going to find a place in my everyday makeup bag. Also, a place in my handbag so it is available for midday touch-ups.

Pros of this highlighter;
- very versatile, can really be used anywhere on the face
- long lasting with it being a cream formula
- travel-friendly because it's so small

- has to be sharpened
- may get lost easily as it is small

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 This stick costs £4.99 for 1.41g of product and can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug


  1. This sounds great! I'll have to add it to my wishlist. Great post btw. x



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