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My New Favourite High Street Foundation! - Maybelline Matte & Poreless Review

I have dry skin. Very dry skin. But I absolutely love matte foundation. So finding a foundation that makes my skin beautifully matte and not looking & feeling like the Sahara desert is kind of hard. I've tried Rimmel's Stay Matte foundation, Max Factor's Whipped Crème foundation, and so on, but they've never had the right texture. But recently found Maybelline's Matte & Poreless foundation, and I love it!

I have the shade '115 Ivory', and it only costs £6.99.


On the whole, I do not like the packaging that this product has. It's in a squeezy tube which is really hard to get all of the product out, and when you get to the end you have to snip the top off to get it all out. This process normally ends up in a huge mess. I much prefer a tube with a pump. However, that being said, some of the shades do actually come in a glass bottle. I don't know why. But the black design with the pale turquoise accent colour is really quite good lo…