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In one of my previous blog posts, I mentioned how much I love highlighter, and one of my favourite drugstore illuminators is the NYX Illuminator in the shade 'Ritualistic'. I pretty much use a highlighter every day without fail, even when I'm not wearing that much makeup. This highlighter, in particular, brings a beautiful glow to the face, but is not glittery, which is what I find with many drugstore highlighters. However, it does cost £9.50, which is a lot for a high street highlighter.

Firstly, this product come in very good packaging. It is a sleek, black plastic pan, with pale pink lettering. Inside, there is a mirror the same size as the lid, which therefore makes this product very travel-friendly. This highlighter is such high quality and feels unlikely to break in a handbag or makeup bag.

The actual product itself is brilliant. It is a cool-toned, almost-white highlighter. In these pictures, the highlight does look fairly golden, but is, in fact, a whitish colour. I tend to stay away from there shades of highlighter and go for the gold-toned ones, but when I swatched it in the store, I saw how much of a flattering shade it was. It is cool-toned but does not look that frosty on the skin. Also, it is shimmery, not glittery, which I prefer as it looks glowy, and not like you poured a pot of glitter upon your face. 

The pigmentation of this product is spot on; not too strong that it is immediately obvious that you are wearing an illuminator, but it does catch the light like you are glowing from within. In the light, the highlighter does show a slightly golden hue. Personally, I think it looks most flattering when applied with a small fan brush to the cheekbones, brow bone, nose, forehead, and chin.

As for how long it lasts on the face during the day, it does depend on what you apply it with, but with a suitable base and/or a setting spray it will the whole day. 

Overall, for a high street highlighter, this is a very good product and can rival the higher end ones. It lasts a long time and is beautifully glowy on the skin. The packaging that it comes in is also very impressive and good looking. However, this shade may be too cool-toned and light for some skin tones, but there are much more shades of this highlighter available, but this colour does look the most universally flattering of all of them. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a decent highlighter for under £10. 

Pros of this highlighter;

- shimmery, not glittery
- very universal shade
- packaging is brilliant


- fairly expensive for what is meant to be a high street product
- not the easiest to get hold of is you are in the UK

Thank you for reading

This illuminator costs £9.50 for 9.5g of product and can be purchased from  Feelunique and ASOS


  1. This looks gorgeous! I really need to try this out.

    A Sparkle Of Grace

  2. I honestly was not sure about buying this, but I swear your review almost made me realise I need it!! Lush pigmentation! Also lush blog, keep it up xo


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